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Chia Bread
Great taste, Kids love it!

The baking industry is pretty straight forward. It is rare to get a new category in the bread aisle of the average supermarket. That's why Miguel's Chia Bread is so special.

Miguel's Chia Bread is the perfect bread to help integrate Omega-3 nutrition into your diet and the diet of your entire family. Getting Omega-3 nutrition as a staple in most kids diets is next to impossible and at the same time so essential. There are many sources of omega-3's you can choose from. Not all are palatable to kids; especially if they are "picky" eaters. Chia is a perfect vehicle as it comes in many forms and has a neutral flavor. Our bread is a favorite with families as it provides very balanced nutrition and has a taste that kids love! Miguel's Chia Bread has 300 mg of omega-3 efa's per slice making a regular sandwich packed with more omega-3's than most kids get in a week!

Miguel's Chia Bread establishes a new category of bread and breaks ground in the baking industry, opening the door for a wide variety of chia products. Our goal with Miguel's Chia Bread is to advance and take a leadership role in educating consumers about the importance of omega-3's in their diets.

Our own experience with our son Miguel, stands as not only inspiration but proof of the need we all have for getting omega-3 efa's into our diets.

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