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Miguels Chia Bread

Our bread is made using only the finest and healthiest ingredients. We use no additives, preservatives or stabilizers in the making of Miguel's Chia Bread. Our bread is made with the best chia seed you can buy; Chia-Brand! Their blend of chia seed gives our bread a texture, flavor and nutrition that is second to none.

Miguel's Chia Bread offers an excellent source of Omega-3's in a way that's easy to add to your diet. Our bread offers a truly no fuss way to get this amazing plant based Omega-3 nutrition into children's diets as well. In fact, in addition to the many other health benefits, Omega-3's have been shown to boost brain development in children and maintain brain health in adults.

Miguel's Chia Bread is packed with
300mg of Omega 3's per slice from the best source available; Chia-Brand!

Miguel's Chia Bread is also trans-fat free!

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